Posted on: December 24, 2008 9:57 pm

UFC 92: Bet on it!!!

Here are MY predictions for UFC 92:The least for the fights that i find intersting. First up Matt Hamill Vs. Reese Andy. This is an intersting fight because Matt is coming off a loss from good friend Rich Franklin. From what we've seen on the show, Matt's emotions sometimes get the better of him and can let his emotions show. However his wrestling skills are no laughing matter. Is his confidence at the level that will leaving him walking out the octagon with a W....yes bet on it! Matt is the favorite in this fight and I for one will put money on it.

Now on to one hell of a main card: First up Wanderlei Silva Vs. Quinton Jackson. This fight should be the main event if not for the tremedous amount of bad blood between the two. These two have put on some of the most exciting fights at the nonexistant PrideFC. If your watching this fight for the first time youtube the past two fights and prepare to be amazed. Jackson is coming off his 'lost' to Griffin for the belt. I am a huge Griffin fan but you have to come to terms with the fact that he did not win that fight. That aside Silva is coming off a win against the dean of mean Keith Jardine. With Jackson's embrassing arrest and loss to Griffin he has more to prove, but Silva will be to much for him to handle. Both are about equal for this fight according to Vegas but put the dough on Silva.

Finally its the main event: Forrest Griffin Vs. Rashad Evans. One of the most intersting fights on the card. Both reality outcomers. Both beat UFC superstars. Call it a lucky shot, call it skill but that punch against Chuck Liddell was devasting. That punch left Chuck on the mat for a good while and fans on thier feet looking for answers. Forest is one of the most popular if not most bankable stars to come out of the Ultimate Fighter. His toughness is unmatchable. With Evans being undefeated and Griffin wanting to retain the belt this match was hard to call but I finally came to a decession. Both have equal odds but put the farm on Griffin. But expect him to be knocked down to the mat at least twice.

Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira Vs. Frank Mir I have no real comments on, MIr is outclassed and outperformed in this fight. I'm sorry but MIr will will lose in the first round. Mir fans can agree.

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